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Acme Associates Pte Ltd (ACME) provides total lifecycle solutions for your Critical IT Infrastructure


What We Do

Where IT infrastructure such as Data Center is concerned, businesses are totally reliant on this critical backbone to see them through their daily operations. When most companies would prefer to focus on their core businesses, IT can prove to be a weighing undertaking for any organization to manage, when downtime is considered a 'taboo', especially involving hefty financial and reputation losses.

ACME clearly understands the fundamental operatives of a Critical IT infrastructure and seeks to incorporate qualities of expandability, stability and resiliency into the system. That is why we persevere in ensuring our staffs are geared with the right expertise and experience for the different stages of the lifecycle.

For any companies who are looking at devolving the IT infrastructure aspects to converge their efforts on their core businesses, ACME shall be able to assist you in undertaking any stage in the IT infrastructure lifecycle, at any point of time.

Mission & Goals

ACME focus on quality and benchmark setting in the design and construction of the office interior and critical IT infrastructure. It is ACME's aim to provide sound advice & relevant information to all clients to ensure that good designs are built at a fair value and with quality, meeting their critical requirements.
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