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Critical Infrastructure Lifecycle Solutions (CILS)

The fundamental criterion for developing the Critical Infrastructure Lifecycle Solutions (CILS) is to cover every aspect of the critical infrastructure needs. As these critical infrastructures house sensitive and high-end servers and data storage systems, companies will need to look at providing the optimum environment for them, be it power and cooling support or space optimization for expandability and resiliency.

More highly powered server systems are packed together per footprint with the advancement of technology and scarcity in space. This results in the ever increasing heat load that directly impacts the temperature and power consumption of the area. The need for proper infrastructure design, especially in areas of power and cooling is vital to prolong the lifespan of these server systems and prevent potential failures.

Be it adopting the entire lifecycle or jump-start at any point of the lifecycle, ACME demonstrates the best capabilities to manage any part of the process.

ACME's CILS covers Audit & Feasibilites Studies, Design & Drafting, Project Management, Procurement, Testing & Commissioning, On-site Technical Support, Preventive Maintenance and Facilities Management.

Audit & Feasibility Studies

Starting from choosing the optimum location for the critical infrastructure, ACME provides comprehensive auditing services to study the site conditions for either new or existing sites. Evaluating the company's business objectives, requirements and financial, a detailed feasibility studies shall be carried out to develop a risk mitigation plan against any potential impact to the operations.

The essence of the plan will take into consideration of key elements like power and cooling capabilities, critical infrastructure structure and layout as well as maintainability, including providing proposal and budgetary summaries.

Our Audit & Feasibility studies includes :
  • On-site environmental, equipment analysis
  • Information collection on company’s business tangibles, site requirements, budget and forecasts
  • Risk mitigation plan

Design & Drafting

Branching from the plan developed from the Audit & Feasibilities studies, ACME shall develop design of the critical infrastructure which covers space planning, servers and facilities equipment placement, power and cooling planning for effective utilization and future expansion, if any.

ACME in-house design and drafting teams are geared with years of accumulated experience in the critical infrastructure areas, to be able to provide sound advice and comprehensive designs and layout plans suited to specific needs.

With key focus in critical infrastructure design, ACME also provides a complementary service in office interior design as well.

Our Design & Drafting services includes :
  • Space planning
  • Critical infrastructure equipment calculation, forecast and product recommendation, especially in areas of power and cooling
  • Tier criteria development and recommendation
  • Cadcam drawing for facilities updates, electrical single-line drawings, etc

Products & Materials Procurement

As part of the CILS, ACME provides recommendations and procurement of the critical infrastructure equipment. ACME is able to recommend equipment for unique applications, complying with individual company's operational needs. With good relationships established with multiple equipment providers, ACME looks at offering quality and price effective products, delivered on-site on time. The procurement process shall include :

  • Procurement of equipment in accordance to performance and technical specifications
  • Equipment delivery scheduling as per project plan
  • Ensuring factory test certification from manufacturers
  • Cost control

Project Management

ACME project team jump starts from the design process to undertake the heavy and tedious task to set up the critical infrastructure. From managing a group of qualified contractors, to the build-up of the infrastructure, the project team provides sound advice and execution process to ensure the project is carried out in accordance to design, timeline and budget.

The Project Management process includes :
  • On-site contractors and human resource management
  • Project planning, methodology, reviews and baseline controls
  • Schedule planning and follow-up
  • Cost management
  • Procurement management in identifying budget constraints, lead-time
  • Adhering to quality goals in project execution
  • Ensure proper communications and information flow internally and externally
  • Identification, foresee and control any potential risk impact

Testing & Commissioning

Before the handover of site to the client, ACME's Testing & Commissioning team shall conduct an overall testing of all equipment and systems installed to ensure quality and smooth operation of the critical infrastructure. ACME qualified team shall work together with the equipment provider in the process and ensure every equipment is thoroughly checked and tested.

The Testing & Commissioning process includes :
  • Reference design criteria to infrastructure build-up and equipment set up
  • Work through a pre-established testing & commissioning specifications
  • Scan through every level of equipment, especially in critical areas like electrical and mechanical
  • Evaluates overall operation as a whole

On-Site Technical Support

ACME provides 24 x 7 on-site troubleshooting and rectification support to the critical infrastructure within 2 hours upon phone call notification. In the case of emergency, ACME is able to deploy standby technical personnel on site to diagnose and initiate proper solutions to the problems.

Bearing in mind of the pressing recovery needs, our personnel are all trained to react and make recovery within the shortest period of time, depending on the severity of the problem.

Preventive Maintenance & Facilities Management

All sites installed by ACME shall automatically cover a standard one year Defect Liability Period (DLP). Understanding the vulnerability of the infrastructure and unforeseen human errors, proactive upkeeping of the critical infrastructure and equipment is a must. Scheduled periodic maintenance programmes are formulated in accordance to individual system's needs to protect you against unforeseen downtime.

ACME offers two types of programmes : Preventive Maintenance & Facilities Management.

Type 1 - Preventive Maintenance Service

For protection of vital equipment against failures, preventive maintenance for all infrastructure equipment are carried out to reduce the chances of breakdown and prolong the equipment lifespan.

The Preventive Maintenance programme includes :
  • Maintenance schedule documentation to the client
  • Scheduled periodic checkups for equipment
  • Testing and simulation of equipment based on preset procedures
  • Testing reports on status and recommendation to the client after every visit
Type 2 - Facilities Management Service

For companies who wish to focus on their core business areas and outsource the critical infrastructure management process, ACME is able to deploy manpower stationed at the client's premise to oversee the operations of the critical infrastructure. The on-site Facilities Engineer will act as a bridge between the client and ACME's maintenance team to ensure a smooth operation. He shall be able to provide rapid on-site response during emergency and activate the relevant parties to rectify the problems at the quickest time. As a trained personnel, he is apt at providing sound solutions and reports to the clients as appropriate.

The Facilities Management programme includes :
  • On-site facilities engineer, as required by the client
  • Proactive checks on environment and equipment
  • Swift preliminary analysis during emergency
  • Single point of contact between service provider and partners
  • Regular report updates and recommendations on site conditions

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